Image to Base64 Converter

I’ve created many tools in the past, but usually they are customized for a specific web site and specific purpose, so I don’t bother adding them to this page. This tool, though, could be useful to others.

The reason I created this is because I was using Grey Wyvern’s “Binary File to Base64 Encoder/Translator” to convert images into base64 encoding. The problem is, sometimes the file URLs were on SSL-secure sites and this tool failed, so I created my own which works with both SSL URLs and non-SSL URLs.

Base64 to Image Converter

Similar to the above, this tool is the reverse. It converts base64-encoding into an actual image that you can save.

QR Code Generator »

Generate your own custom QR code. You can even include text or an image within the code itself!

QR Code Generator

Basic HTML

Have you ever needed some basic HTML? Maybe you were setting up a stylesheet and just wanted to copy and paste some HTML with which to work. I have too! That’s why I set up these basic HTML files that you can copy/paste or download.

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