Image to Base64 Converter

I’ve created many tools in the past, but usually they are customized for a specific web site and specific purpose, so I don’t bother adding them to this page. This tool, though, could be useful to others.

The reason I created this is because I was using Grey Wyvern’s “Binary File to Base64 Encoder/Translator” to convert images into base64 encoding. The problem is, sometimes the file URLs were on SSL-secure sites and this tool failed, so I created my own which works with both SSL URLs and non-SSL URLs.

Base64 to Image Converter

Similar to the above, this tool is the reverse. It converts base64-encoding into an actual image that you can save.

Basic HTML

Have you ever needed some basic HTML? Maybe you were setting up a stylesheet and just wanted to copy and paste some HTML with which to work. I have too! That’s why I set up these basic HTML files that you can copy/paste or download.

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