Base64 to Image Converter

I’ve created many tools in the past, but usually they are customized for a specific web site and specific purpose, so I don’t bother adding them to this page. This tool, though, could be useful to others. The reason I created this is because I was using Grey Wyvern’s “Binary File to Base64 Encoder/Translator” to convert images into base64 encoding. There were a few times, though, where I had the base64 code and I wanted the original file back. So, without further jibber-jabber, here it is:

Binary to Image Converter Screenshot

BM Shots WordPress Plugin

I just discovered BM Shots, an awesome WordPress Plugin that grabs screenshots from sites and makes thumbnails out of them. It’s my new favorite plugin.

Here it is doing its thing to the Yahoo! homepage:

[browsershot url=”” width=”450″]

In order to achieve the thumbnail, all I have to do is put  [browsershot url="" width="450"]  in my post.

Read how the plugin got started, by Ben Gillbanks.

Outlook 07/10 HTML Email Rending Problem

HTML emails in Outlook 07/10 don’t render background images. Thanks for the fix, Brian Thies!

So it’s getting around the Web quite a bit lately that Outlook 2007 and 2010 no longer render HTML emails properly. Outlook 07 LogoThe biggest issue relates to background images. At MAF ( where I work, I create the marketing emails that go out. I only realized this issue about a month ago because I was using Microsoft Entourage 2004 (Outlook for Mac) and it works fine. I have since installed Outlook ’07 for testing purposes and have had a major headache getting it to render the emails properly.

As I usually do, I asked Google to help me solve the problem and I eventually found this post by Brian Thies on the Campaign Monitor forum: I tried his suggestion and it worked great!

Since I found something that might be useful for someone else, I wanted to post the link here, just in case it could help someone else.